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Navigating the intersection of philosophy & finance in the world of modern capitalism

Rejecting clickbait and pursuing truth

Firstly — I want to sincerely thank every last person that has ever read or engaged with the pieces that I have written. I pour countless hours into my writing with the sole purpose of creating thought-provoking, unconventional commentary on finance, economics & philosophy.

After it was brought to my…

Profits are more important than people — especially when you can hide your evils behind “improvement”


If you search the tag: “Ethics in Tech” on Medium, you’ll find it has 363 tags.

However, if you search the tag “Technology” you’ll find it has 402,000.


Because people want to make money. Now, I wouldn’t have a problem with this if the tech industry was a net-positive for…

The game is rigged against everyday Americans — it’s time to start paying people real money


Conservative commentators have been quick to blame the unemployment crisis on a variety of emotionally driven factors — usually dumping the blame for current under-staffing and economic turmoil on individual Americans. …

Bitcoin’s noisiest advocates are destroying crypto with freedom porn, bad economics & fake history

Bitcoin began in 2008 as an idealistic mission to decentralize money away from governments. Something that remains little known to most, is that Satoshi Nakamoto actually cited the Bob Rubin Trade in the genesis block of Bitcoin. …

How the world became addicted to nicotine again — are vapes really any better than cigarettes?

In 2011, there were 7 million e-cigarette users worldwide. By 2018, that number had increased to 41 million. It is estimated that there are now 55 million e-cigarette users worldwide.

It’s concerning enough that adults are being seduced by Big Tobacco’s newest epidemic of addiction with the promise of it…

Plato’s ancient wisdom can teach us how to be better people in the digital age

Plato’s advice on morality

People on the internet are assholes.

If you’ve ever scrolled through a politically oriented Twitter thread or a Facebook post, you’ll come across some impressive spectacles of offensive language. …

Not everything is a cryptocurrency — it’s time to call things by their real names


Right now, the erroneous use of cryptocurrency is incorrect and inaccurate. Using the term “cryptocurrency” to describe the entire world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) can give the impression that every new digital asset or token is somehow a “currency” — when most DeFi assets are not currency-like at all.


4 painfully obvious signs that point to Bitcoin’s long-term demise

Bitcoin is still very much in a short-term bull market.

There’s simply no denying that.

Despite the most recent crash on September 7, which saw Bitcoin shed 10% of it’s total value, a variety of underlying metrics point to strong short-term consolidation of Bitcoin holdings over the coming weeks.


An extremely comprehensive breakdown of bad economics and psychobabble

Jordan Peterson’s recent podcast on Bitcoin could have been something brilliant. Instead, we bear witness to a 90 minute conversation between Dr Peterson and a group of fan boys that demonstrate a severely distorted understanding of economics, psychology and history.

Dr Peterson introduces the crew of bitcoin enthusiasts: Gigi, John…

Regular Salvadorans are going to pay the price if Bitcoin fails

Thousands of protestors took to the streets in El Salvador’s capital city — San Salvador on Tuesday morning to protest the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender. …


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